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They Will S.O.A.R.

How much do our students REALLY need us? I believe there are 5 rules you must follow to allow your students to S.O.A.R. Rule 1: Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock It is all about timing.  Many times we step in too early in the exploration process. Let them have a chance to explore! We live in a time where patience is slowly disappearing.  Think about it... when you are in a fast food drive through, when you forgot something at home, when you have 2 items to checkout in Walmart... My Suggestion This is one way that I remind myself to allow the students TIME... This is my techy poster... This is a mixture of techy and talk... Rule 2: Who Are You? We must KNOW our students.  They are all different in their own ways.   When will they reach the edge?  How do they feel about failure?  What is their tolerance level? Where are they on the "needy" spectrum? My Suggestion Challenge them. Observe them. Place them in "character-telling" situations. H

Next Level Brave

***A special thank you to Eminence Independent Schools, Thom Coffee and James Allen.*** Galileo Galilei, Hellen Keller, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr.,  Amelia Earhart, Mahatma Gandhi, Harriet Tubman... What do all of these people have in common? They all made an impact on our world today because of their bravery.  A quick search on Google led me to these results... When searching the word "brave"... 279 billion results 9.9 million videos 10.9 million news articles 1.8 million books 2 million movies The word "Brave" is nothing new to this world... However, scientist are still trying to unravel the mystery of bravery within humans.  Are we born with it? Is it learned? Can it be increased? A little bit of science for you... According to the article, What Makes Someone Brave, "bravery emerges from a primal struggle between the brain’s decision-making hub, the prefrontal cortex, and the focal point of fear, the amygdala." The ar

More Than You Think I Am

They are EACH MORE THAN YOU THINK THEY ARE!!! A view that we, as their supporters, mentors, guides, role models, should all embrace... They are... capable talented passionate growing learning caring It is time we look in and not focus on the out .  I will admit I have been watching the History show, American Pickers. A brief summary of the show... two guys travel around the US looking for stuff, yes, stuff... They look through "junkalanches."  Sometimes they have leads, and other times they "freestyle." What amazes me the most about the show is not the finds, but the ability to see past the judgement, past the preconceived notions. They have walked, crawled, climbed through structures filled with filth looking, looking for that one find.  You can see that they are driven by passion, whether it is preservation or money.  The way we act, react, interact with our students shouldn't be any different... we should look through their bag