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Back to the Basics

Behind the Scenes For those of you that know me, you know that I am no where near "basic" and it is kind of ironic that I am writing post about the importance of being basic. But, I have to remind myself that being basic is okay and has its advantages.   Look at your surroundings... What do you see? Who do you see? What surrounds you? Who surrounds you? Are you surrounded with hype? Are you surrounded with unnecessary stuff? Are you surrounded with frills or gadgets and gismos? Are you surrounded with extras? Or Are you surrounded with the basics? I often wonder what the purpose is of all of the not-so-basic-stuff and I am reminded that at some point, I felt that that was a need. For example, I look around my living room to see a flat screen TV.  Is that a necessity? Nope. But at some point, did I feel like I needed it? Yes. However, there was nothing wrong with our box tv. It was still running like a champ. So, why did I choose to make the