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"Look, Mom!" "Mrs. Chenault! Check this out!" "Can I show the class?" What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word "ownership?" This is what I asked my 4th grade students and here where some of their responses... It means I own something. It means it belongs to me. It means it is all mine. It means to have something in your possession/ It means to have something you are proud of. As you can imagine the majority of the responses were predictable... however, the last one had a twist that made me smile.  The questionable looks from the peers of the students captured the room as this child responded.  Of course, my first reaction was to have her explain her thinking.  She continued... Well, I know when I am proud of something and someone asks who did this or made this, I speak up quickly.  and when i am not proud, I feel like I want to hide. I know if I am proud or not, if it is mine, I still own it, but there