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They Are His

I thought about beginning this blog the exact opposite way (with an apology), but then I realized, I am going to stand strong on the words that are being typed... My Inspiration Walking in to another concert... I had the expectation of worshiping a great and almighty God, but nothing more... 5 minutes into a Q and A with the artists I knew this concert was not going to be an ordinary concert. An audience member asked if there was going to be time for autographs... after the answer that she didn't want to hear came out, she persisted to get a picture signed. She briefly shared her story... The picture wasn't a $5 picture that you buy from the merch. table, it wasn't a picture of her, it was a picture of her daughter with one of the artists, Jeremy Camp. At first, confusion set in... I wasn't sure where her daughter was and why she wasn't with her... then the mom continued to explain that her daughter was in her eternal home.  Being a mom, I was awed by the str

The Great Debate: Homework

In a world being taken over by politics and opinions, I thought I might as well just throw my two cents in! For or Against? It crazy for me to sit here and deny that I have always felt one way or the other... because I have been on a teeter-totter! Well, I have finally made up my mind! I am going to be jumping for joy and so are the kids! #boycotthomework! Why? So, today we took a bus ride through our school's district, and I had a couple of revelations... Many of the students are on the bus for over an hour! I couldn't sit that long! And I was ready for fresh air after an hour! Many of the students outlooks are survival. They are not worried about anything other than meeting their families needs and their needs.   There the home sat. A shed. One room. But in it, a loving family. A mom and her three kids. Having no wants. Making ends meet. Raising her family.  AND THEN HOMEWORK COMES IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL! Added stress. Failing Grades. Yelling. Extra Respon