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Work Hard AND Play. A Look at Small Groups.

This is the motto in our classroom... It is the motto I instill in my students and a motto I live by professionally and personally... I am thrilled to be able to reveal to you a GENIUS small group idea that integrates student choice, students being challenged, student interests, AND GOOGLE APPS FOR EDUCATION! As you are reading through this, I want you to be thinking about how this could be implemented in YOUR classroom... The majority of us conduct small groups in reading and math... How would you like to NOT be in a rotation and to be able to coach, mentor, and monitor students learning? If so, read on! Part 1: HyperDocs Change EVERYTHING Last year, I began implementing hyperdocs in my classroom. I didn't know at the time that they were hyperdocs... However, they are a game changer... Check out my math and reading stations below. Of course you can use a variation of this, as it is heavy on digital use. To interact with the stations, click on the links! Reading Stati