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Taking Advantage of The Chance

Those ... a plural form of that... That ... used in singling out someone or something and ascribing a distinctive feature to them... Inspiring or Debilitating? A man who is walking to work or a man who is always sitting on the couch... A woman who is presenting at a conference or a woman who is angered with her kids... A man who is praying before he eats or a man who is boasting about accomplishments... A woman who is seeking solutions or a woman who is mulling over a not-in-her-control situation... Our Gauge We all have radars that gauge... inspiring or debilitating!  What is the difference between the two? What makes people one of "those"? Inspiring They have taken their OWN path... no matter the roadblocks. They take care of others. They communicate... not just the high points of life, but the low as well. Are you one of "those"?  Is "that" you? Debilitating They "follow the ants". They are selfish. They sugar-coa