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Featuring Thomas Nelson High School in Bardstown, KY. A little history... Thomas Nelson will begin its fifth year as a school for the 2016-17 school year. The administration and staff has worked extremely hard to create a culture of CARE. They have based their culture on the popular book, written by Seth Godin, The Purple Cow. In his book, he discusses standing out from all other cows and to create remarkable products that are risky and people seek out. They also have embraced the "Yes" mentality, Fly Closer to the Sun, and Fly and Defy. Points of View Wes Bradley, the principal at Thomas Nelson High School, brought up the difference between the two terms, rebel vs. rebellion, and I couldn’t agree more from the perspective of an administrator.   Mr. Bradley stated, I think the idea of being a “rebel” can be easily misconstrued and become associated with individualism. In turn, the notion of “rebel” becomes more about the individual identity and ego

Let's Be Piper's Mom

Meet Piper! Piper is a character is Pixar's latest short film featured before the showing of Finding Dory.  This 6-minute silent-film will leave a lasting impression as Piper is navigating the learning process with his Mom right by his side. The film begins with Piper clinging to his mom, as she encourages him to go out to find his own food. Reluctant, Piper just stands there, opening and closing his mouth, while watching his mom find food. Piper, finally becomes brave enough and runs toward his mom, which is also straight for the ocean. Waves are coming and going, when Piper models his mom's actions and looks for bubbles in the sand. Not too long after some confidence is gained, a big wave rushes to shore and sweeps Piper right off of his feet. Piper becomes afraid of the water once more. Piper notices several hermit crabs running to shore, and when the water covers them, they bury themselves in the sand... A curious Piper tries this strategy out and is successful. P

The Infamous "No"

My best blog topics are rooted in conversations that I have had with other educators. This topic was born in a quick conversation with Eric.  So, I have asked him to help me out with this blog! The Weight. As educators, we are often asked to take on additional responsibilities, or maybe a responsibility arises and we are interested. This is all fine and good, but many of us have lives beyond the walls of our classroom and the walls of our school. So, what happens when the two worlds collide? The Decision. Light As A Pebble Heavy As A Boulder We have all heard these similies, but what do they mean in the essence of decision making? What is the relation? Let’s take a quick look at the process of decision making... The Process of Decision Making Step 1: The Situation A situation occurs and a decision has to be made. Step 2: The Options Looking at the decisions we could make. Step 3: The Future Analyzing the outcome of the possi