Kids These Days: Our Future

Inspired by the following video… which you HAVE to watch AND show to your students... I began to think about our future…. More specifically, the kids that are our future.

What is the world going to be like?

  • Uncertain
  • Out of control
  • Technologically Advanced
  • Technological Dependence
  • Social Wars
  • Careers that require creativity, problem solving, and engineering

Outlook = Outcome

Many would argue that our future is meek or hopeless, and there are times that I could not agree more, but if that is our outlook, that will be our outcome. We must work on this as educators to remain positive, to prepare our future by not assuming that they know the “how-to’s” of life. So, instead of complaining and focusing on the negative of this world, let’s stand up and make a difference in these children, our future.

Where to Begin

The task is daunting, challenging, and intimidating. When I chose to become an educator of young kids, being a young adult myself, I never truly realized the potter I would be. The children that I have had a chance to mold, have a stamp of love, truth, focus, creativeness, technology awareness, and confidence. Some being tougher clay than others, we must realize the fragile lives that are following our ways.

Believe. Respect. Care. Support. See.

I Believe in You.
Our students need to know that they are capable.

How do I show this?
  • Give them a challenging activity… quickly, you will be able to encourage the process that they are taking to solve the task. 
  • Verbal and nonverbal cues
  • Be there.
  • Be their partner during an activity.
  • Play kickball with them
How do you show this?

I Respect You.

Our students need to know that they are valuable.

How do I show this?
  • Manners
  • Admitting I have made a mistake, but thanking them for recognizing it
  • Handling opinions or “push-backs” with grace.
  • Have two-way communication… have conversations…
  • Have them set their own goals: personal and professional. 
How do you show this?

I Care for You.

Our students need to know they are loved.

How do I show this?
  • Pushing them to their potential
  • Inspiring them to be leaders of their own learning
  • Giving inspirational talks (I hope to hand these over to the students this year!)
  • Incorporating time to sit and talk
  • Giving them opportunities
  • Showing them how hard I work and the cause
How do you show this?

I Support You.

Our students need to know they can fail before succeeding.

How do I show this?
  • Encourage failure as a lesson starter.
  • Be a mentor that gives feedback with the goal of growth.
  • When asked, do or give them a reason with the “no”
  • Don’t leave them hanging… give hints, clues, and time
  • Realize they are all different, with different likes, interests, and opinions
How do you show this?

I See You.

Our students need to know they are individuals.

How do I show this?
  • Ask about family/personal events
  • Give compliments (fill their buckets)
  • Encourage individuality
  • Be open and honest
  • Leave notes or send home postcards
  • Create a word cloud for each student with strengths/accomplishments made
  • Sit with them at lunch
How do you show this?


To achieve all of these statements at once, there is ONE HUGE OBSTACLE that can be taken on by every educator… relinquish control… Sounds scary, huh? 

Well, several years ago, I decided that I was not going to have the expectations of a traditional classroom: 3-5 rules, Q and A ping-pong between teacher and student, independent work, paper and pencil, worksheets, textbooks, questions at the end of the chapter, completing every problem on homework… I think you get it! It was basically the structure of I Tell and You Do… right, a circus act. I wondered what the effects would if I implemented a paradigm shift in my own mind from a teacher-centered classroom to a student-centered classroom.

Now, I can tell you that it was the best decision I have made in the classroom. The classroom is not mine or theirs, but ours. We work together. We make decisions. We choose. We think beyond the task. We fail together. We discuss. We disagree. We are family.

Let’s revisit the initial question: 

What is the world going to be like?

The world is going to be what we make of it. The world is going to be how we see it. The world is going to be the product of our current actions.

What are you doing to make a difference in the “Kids These Days?”


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