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Time: Be a Gardener

There are so many sayings that refer to time; they dance around in conversations everyday… It’s only a matter of time… Time is of the essence… Time has a way of showing what really matters... Time is flying by... You have to make time for the things you love… We are racing against time... Time is precious... The Frustration of Time I struggle with time… I never have enough time. Trying to juggle family, friends, and profession is no new struggle to many of your out there. There is nothing more frustrating than to pour your heart into something or someone that shows no return. We can see this in our profession and in our personal lives.   Professionally, throughout the years,  I have researched, planned, and carried out several lesson plans that didn’t show as much impact as I had wished for.  I have mentored many other educators, only to see them not embrace our professional learning relationship. Personally, throughout the years, I have been raise

Faces: An Art

How many faces do you have? Who are they? Where do they appear? What do they show? It has been proven that humans can make more than 20 different facial expressions.  From happily surprised to angrily disgusted… we all have our own facial expressions. They speak words. They send messages. They are telling. They show response. They are first impressions. In a world of non-face-to-face communication, we have to be careful as to not add emotion into words. Assumptions are an enemy to our minds. They take control and are often hard to shake. They race through and often will grow. We must not lose sight of right-there conversations. The Canvas. We all began with a blank canvas… until our first cry, our first smile, our first temper-tantrum, our first belly laugh… Now, no matter what age… your canvas is in the process of being created. The Paint. I would argue that our faces are storytellers. Honesty vs. Dishonesty, Happy vs. Sad, Content vs. Anxiousness, Surpris

Kids These Days: Our Future

Inspired by the following video… which you HAVE to watch AND show to your students... I began to think about our future…. More specifically, the kids that are our future. What is the world going to be like? Uncertain Out of control Technologically Advanced Technological Dependence Social Wars Careers that require creativity, problem solving, and engineering Outlook = Outcome Many would argue that our future is meek or hopeless, and there are times that I could not agree more, but if that is our outlook, that will be our outcome. We must work on this as educators to remain positive, to prepare our future by not assuming that they know the “how-to’s” of life. So, instead of complaining and focusing on the negative of this world, let’s stand up and make a difference in these children, our future. Where to Begin The task is daunting, challenging, and intimidating. When I chose to become an educator of young kids, being a young adult myself, I never truly realized the


Have you ever been so close to a desire, but yet it was out of your reach? Have you ever been to tired to pick up something that was just out of your reach? Have you ever been reaching for something, but still fall short by a couple of inches? According to Google, to reach means to stretch out an arm in a specified direction in order to touch or grasp something. The Pull Apart... Stretch ... To extend... To not stay in a normal or relaxed position Specified Direction ... To know where you are going... To have intent Touch or Grasp Something ... To accomplish... To have an outcome The way I look at reaching is with the following acronym... R: Risk E: Effort A: Act C: Challenge H: Help Therefore, I would adventure to say, to reach is a risk that is going to take effort through challenging actions with the purpose of helping. Reaching in Education... We are all asked to reach as an educator.  Sometimes we are willing, but there are those times we are re