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Building Materials

According to James Clear, “The 3 R’s of forming a habit are Reminder, Routine, Reward.” After reading this, my initial instinct was to test all of the habits that I could think of… the process went like this… Habit: Brushing Your Teeth in the Morning Reminder: Your breath stinks and your teeth feel gritty. Routine: You brush your teeth with toothpaste. Reward: Your teeth are clean and you will be less likely to have dental problems. Habit: Speeding Reminder: The speed limit signs that you are passing or the speedometer. Routine: Going over the speed limit. Reward: You get where you are going in less amount of time. Habit: Study-Skills Reminder: Assessment is written in your agenda with a date or you have a study guide. Routine: Study before an assessment. Reward: You receive a good grade or you are less anxious about the assessment. Habit: Effective Teaching Reminder: Most would say the “test” or “standards”, but most importantl