How High? Part 1

How high do I want to go?How high do you want me to go?How high do I get to go?How high do I have to go?How high is that?

I can clearly break these questions into two groups: "Why did I get picked?" and "I can't wait!" Even though there are minor differences between the questions, we can read between the lines because we have all experienced these thoughts.

In life we are faced with How High all of the time.  However, our response may differ.  Why is that?

For me, there are two factors, the what and the who.

  • The what?  What I am being asked to do effects how I will react to How High.
  • The who? The person asking me to complete the task effects how I will react to How High.

Why is this? 

  • The WHAT: There are tasks that I enjoy completing and some I do not. What's the difference between the tasks? Purpose, passion, affect on others, relevance, useful... The tasks that meet these criteria, I am going to put emphasis and effort into them. 
  • The WHO: Everyday, I pass thousands of faces and they are automatically put into categories: strangers, acquaintances, friends, and family. Which are you more likely to respond too? Friends and Family. We care about those people, we respect those people, and we want to do our best for those people. 

Take Away:

  • The WHAT: There are going to be tasks that you will have to complete that you are on the side of, "Why did I get picked to do this?" There is no going around these tasks as educators. However, I have learned that we must let our purposes and passions be known to others.  Then, this will allow them to capitalize on them and give "I can't wait tasks!"
  • The WHO: Relationships Matter! Surrounding yourself with like-minded people; people who will push you, who you connect with, who "rubs" off on you.  When you develop relationships with these type of people friendships blossom and with that... respect develops. 

Being Transparent:

I just completed a resume' and while I was filling out the Leadership Skills portion... I broke it into the two elementary schools I have worked at.  I realized quickly that I had accomplished more in my 11 year career as an educator in the past 2 1/2 years. So, as all teachers do, I began to reflect on "The WHY?" and here are my thoughts.
  • There is a mutual respect from my administrators and the people whom I work with.
  • My district, administrator, and team have been supportive in all my endeavors.
  • My administrator and team took the time to get to know me on a personal level.
  • I have been given ample opportunities to complete, "I can't wait!" tasks.
  • I have expanded my PLN through conferences and twitter and I am constantly being pushed by them.
  • I am trusted.
With all of this being said... I NOW have a response to "How High?"
  • How high do I want to go?
  • How high do I get to go?
No height is out of reach!


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