Sprout... You are worth it.

We are always wanting to see "growth". Growth in ourselves, in our students, in our faculty, in our financial status, in our children... You get the idea. Growth is expected. Growth shows healthiness. Growth proves success. Growth drives us.  Growth is beautiful.

To see growth:

Step 1: You must plant a "seed".

What "seeds" have you planted lately?

Everything has a beginning.  Seeds are the beginning of growth.  We have so many chances to plant seeds throughout our daily lives; smiling at a cashier, giving a hug, and words of affirmation, supporting others, modeling choice making, getting out of your comfort zone, going to a professional develoment... Without seeds... there will be NO growth.  Take a chance and spread "seeds"!

Step 2: You must nurture the "seed".

How do you nurture your "seeds"?

Once a seed has been planted, we must not forget about it. We must continue to take care of it; answering questions, on-going support, listening, conversations, goal setting, exposure to resources... Without nurturing... there will be NO growth. Take the time to nurture.

Step 3: You must be patient.

How do you model patience?

Patience is almost considered a "no-no" word in today's society. I understand. Just know there are certain situations that require patience. EVER-LASTING growth will not happen in a minute, an hour, a day, or a week.  As people who seek growth, we must model patience... standing in line at a grocery store, sitting in our car waiting for the green light, teaching an "out-of-the-box" lesson... without patience... we will not see an ever-lasting growth. Model patience.

Step 4: You must analyze.

Is growth being shown? Are their changes to be made?

Growth is not defined by a single path. There are multiple optional paths to travel. We should look at each path with an open mind because what works for one seed, might not for another.  This is why we must collect information and make any necessary changes. Changes to attitudes, to methods, to instructional strategies, to paradigms, to outlooks... without analyzation... we will not see growth. Do not be afraid to admit changes need to be made! Embrace them!

Step 5: You must reflect.

Is what you are doing maximizing the potential of your "seeds"?

Over the years, through trials and successes, I have come to the realization reflection is KEY in EVERY aspect of life... as a wife, mother, professional, citizen, entrepreneur... We must reflect on how life is going, how can we make things stronger, what needs to be fine-tuned, what is going well... One of the most common interview questions, "What are your strengths and areas of improvement?" Why? Reflection shows potential to grow... without reflection... we will not see growth. Be real with yourself!

Step 6: You must be persistent.

What steps do you take to ensure persistence?

If you can answer, "Yes" to any of these questions... then, you have shown persistence. Have you ever went on a diet and lost weight? Do you workout? Have you recovered from am illness? Have you retaught a lesson? Have you called a parent to discuss their child's progress? Have you place your own child in timeout? Have you ever retaken an exam? I am pretty sure we could agree with one of these questions.  Persistence is in our blood, but it is a struggle. Persistence takes effort and time.  In the end... it is worth it... because without persistence... we will not see growth. If you want something bad enough, you will show persistence!

Step 7: You must replant.

How do you look beyond and make sure the "sprout" continues to grow?

Growth is contagious. Growth is addicting.  Once the feeling of growth has been seen and felt, we will keep growing.  More than one factor can attribute to our growth, that is why we must surround ourselves with positive influences.  Smiling more, supporting more, modeling more, listening more, interacting more... there will come a time when we will have a feeling where we need other factors to help us achieve growth.... without replanting... we will not continue to grow.  Take the next step!

The outcome of all this hard work... growth.
Growth is beauty.

I am going to leave you with two questions...

  1. What is one area of your life you want to sprout?
  2. What is an area that has outgrown its nurturer, where will you search for a new nurturer?

Just DO it!


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