Episode 2: Google Extensions

Episode 2 Summary:
  • You are going to be introduces to what extensions are and how to add and remove extensions.

So, What Extensions are Useful?

 Take a screenshot, or freeze and save just a piece of the screen
Share to Classroom: Push out websites or students can push to you
Clearly: blocks out all the adds on a webpage
Whitelist: Automatically blocks all pages from any website that is not in your list of allowed websites.
Splitscreen: Split Screen displays two or more websites in one tab! Watch videos & surf or make notes while studying!
Screencastify: Quick way to create a video
Google Tone: send out a website to all of your devices at once
Snagit: Take a picture clip that will automatically save to the student’s drive
goo.gl URL Shortner: Shortens and creates QR Codes for websites
Google Dictionary: Gives definitions and pronunciations


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