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Episode 3: How-to Add Apps

Episode 3 Summary:
In this episode you will learn what an app is and how to add apps from the Chrome Web Store.

Apps I find useful in my classroom:

Apps for Common Core: Sorts through apps for ipads and matches them to common core standards
Google Keep: Shareable to-do list
Newsela: Kids Newspaper
Canva: Design Features
Nearpod: Presentation Features… You Control
Evernote: Note-taker
Class Dojo
Powtoons: Create Cartoons
Get Epic: a free online library for students
Classroom: A shortcut to Google Classroom
EdPuzzle: A shortcut to EdPuzzle (If you do not know what this is... you HAVE to check it out!)
Coggle: Mind Mapping
Google Drive: shortcut to Google Drive

Who Am I?


Episode 2: Google Extensions

Episode 2 Summary:You are going to be introduces to what extensions are and how to add and remove extensions.

So, What Extensions are Useful?
Nimbus: Take a screenshot, or freeze and save just a piece of the screen
Share to Classroom: Push out websites or students can push to you
Clearly: blocks out all the adds on a webpage
Whitelist: Automatically blocks all pages from any website that is not in your list of allowed websites.
Splitscreen: Split Screen displays two or more websites in one tab! Watch videos & surf or make notes while studying!
Screencastify: Quick way to create a video
Google Tone: send out a website to all of your devices at once
Snagit: Take a picture clip that will automatically save to the student’s drive URL Shortner: Shortens and creates QR Codes for websites
Google Dictionary: Gives definitions and pronunciations

Episode 1: Google Chrome Fun

Summary of Episode 1:

Take a look at all of the different things you can do with the Google Chrome Browser...yes JUST the browser!


Simple; Simpleness; Simpler; SIMPLICITY
To be plainTo get to the pointTo be free of distractionsSimpleness
To be uncomplicatedTo be subtleTo be minimalistSimpler To move from complexTo minimizeTo remove clutterSimplicity To seek simpleTo live for simplenessTo make simpler 

Where can we find simplicity?
Simplicity can be found everywhere we look; from houses to a book; from life to pictures; but where is it at school? Most believe school is a complicated place and simplicity can not be found, but if you peel back the complexity, the beauty of simplicity will shine.  Simplicity is found in the purpose of being an educator.  So, why do we make it so complicated? The cause: extrinsic factors.  
How can simplicity make life as an educator simpler?
I am not going to sit here and say that I have figured this one out.  I know simplicity can make my life easier... at home and at school. But I will be the first to admit... I struggle.  Life is complex. I get caught up in the extrinsic factors. …

In the Spotlight...

The light is blinding. The heat is intense. The sweat is pouring. The fear is present. My heart is... full. I wouldn't have it any other way.  
I take risks. I do what is right. I do what is beneficial. I live on the edge. My heart is... full. Could I have it any other way?
Creative. Courageous. Spontaneous. Innovative. My heart is... full. Why would I have it any other way?
You, Yes, You...  Are you in the spotlight because you are breaking through barriers? Are you in the spotlight because you are going against the grain? Are you in the spotlight because you are not a traditional teacher? Are you in the spotlight because you want to do what is best for your students?
If so... congrats!
If not... why? Kids deserve for you take the chance of being in the spotlight!