It was in the 8th grade that I made one of the most important decisions of my life.  Little did I know that being a part of a team, a family, would allow me to grow in every aspect of life. I joined the EHS Marching Band as a colorguard member.  The learned life-lessons would have an everlasting impact on my home life and career.

You see, in band, I learned what I was capable of; being pushed to my maximum potential. The expectations were high; the mutual respect was undeniable; the sense of failure was not an option and there was no doubt, I was motivated.

Nineteen years later, I am sitting at the State Marching Band Competition and the marching band, my former director is directing, is marching off of the field. I can feel the pride and respect, and emotions rush through me like a water anticipating a ledge.  
They walked away as state champions.

Why? There is no doubt that they are probably great kids and students, but great kids and students do not make a state winning band… Expectations DO!

They marched and played their hearts out because he expected them too, because they respect him, because they see his dedication, and they do not want to let him down. I know he loves everyone of them, just like he loved us.

Everyday I face a group of students who are full of potential. It is up to me to bring out this potential.  I strive to create the same feeling I felt many years ago…

The expectations are high.
The respect is mutual.
There is no acceptance of failure.
There is love.

Students will perform to their maximum potential when they are motivated… It is up to you…

Will you take it to the next level?

This post is dedicated to Tom Case.


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