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Our Educational Journey

If you think back to your educational journey, what do you remember the most?  Opportunities you had to shine? Opportunities you had to be creative? Opportunities you had to learn from others? Giving our students opportunities to be themselves in their learning will and DOES make a difference in their educational journey.  We must be mindful and involved in our students individual needs as learners.   How do we get to know our students on this level? I wish I could sit here and type that I one-on-one journal with my students on a daily basis, but unfortunately, there is just not enough time.  So, I have to be creative. Taking every little moment in the morning, during lifetime (recess), and during leadership time... I talk to them!  We have a conversation; not based on academics (unless they bring it up), but more about their personal lives. This allows me to provide the opportunities that are needed for them to enhance their educational journey. Explorat


I t was in the 8th grade that I made one of the most important decisions of my life.  Little did I know that being a part of a team, a family, would allow me to grow in every aspect of life. I joined the EHS Marching Band as a colorguard member.  The learned life-lessons would have an everlasting impact on my home life and career. You see, in band, I learned what I was capable of; being pushed to my maximum potential. The expectations were high; the mutual respect was undeniable; the sense of failure was not an option and there was no doubt, I was motivated. Nineteen years later, I am sitting at the State Marching Band Competition and the marching band, my former director is directing, is marching off of the field. I can feel the pride and respect, and emotions rush through me like a water anticipating a ledge.   They walked away as state champions. Why? There is no doubt that they are probably great kids and students, but great kids and students do not make a stat