What is Your Weather?

What is Your Weather Like Today?
by Jamie Chenault

Weather is a recurring cycle in which we have no choice,
but to allow to pass us by.
For there is no control, no substantial being,
who can swirl or sing the weather into place.
Humans can make no change with the sound of their voice,
but must adapt to what is.

The sun, the warmth, the blinding rays,
all dance around us
through the happiest days.
The clouds, the buoyancy, the white pillows,
move by saying “Hello”
through the happiest days.

The rain, the cold, the grayness,
fall upon us
through the dreaded days.
The flashes, the boisterous thunder, the engulfing sound,
anxiously await to take us
through the dreaded days.

The rainbow, the colors, the never-ending arc,
brings wonder to us
through the days of change.
The clearing, the peak, the dryness,
sends waves of hope
through the days of change.

Don’t let anyone fool you,
you have control.
You can choose…
So, what will it be?

Why the Poem???

Weather… a vital part in our classrooms.  Our day depends on the weather of ourselves, of our students, colleagues, administration, parents… and even though sometimes it feels as if we have no control, we do!

In all students, we must teach them to be advocates for themselves.  Surrounded by an extrinsic motivated world, our students need to know they do have control, and they can intrinsically motivate themselves.  

Types of Students

There are different types of students:
  • The pleasers
  • The fly-byers
  • The down and outers

The “pleasers” are often seen as the goody-two-shoes, who strive to please everyone they come into contact with.  Their weather usually hovers on the sunny side.  These students have a love of learning and are intrinsically motivated.

Then, we have the “fly-byers”, who just want to get by.  They are our Charlie Brown’s of the classroom.  The weather usually stays within the sunny-side of things. If they care, they are usually extrinsically motivated.  

Last, the “down-and-outers”, who have a negative outlook on everything they do or see.  They are not easily motivated.  

Everyone of these “types” of students can have a change in their weather. Yes, some more than others, but it is safe to say that all students can be affected by certain situations or circumstances.  

That is why we must instill the want of change in our students. We must be advocates for them as well: to mentor them on how to make the change in their weather.  Every year, in the first couple days of school I lead the students in a “What is your Weather?” lesson.  It sets the tone for the year.  A tone of comfortability, support, and most importantly hope. A hope that is not lost, but at the fingertips.  The students just need to know how to reach for it and take control.  

Of course all students benefit from this, but I will never forget one student I had that struggled at home with his parents and siblings.  Every morning, he would attempt to walk in my class with his head hung down and his shoulders slumped.  I would greet him at the door and simply ask, “What is your weather going to be today?” He would shyly look up at me and give me this odd little half smile… I would take him and hold him while saying, “I love you, bud!”  As the year progressed, the stature of this young man changed and by the end of the year, he greeted me every morning with a smile and would loudly exclaim for all to hear, “Today is going to be a good day.”  The difference in this young man was contagious throughout the classroom.  He could have chosen to allow his circumstances to engulf every aspect of life, but instead he chose his weather…

Your weather is a choice…
The students’ weather is a choice…

“So, What is your weather today?”


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