Push Me

  • A child sitting on a swing screams... "Push me, daddy!" 
  • A young adult getting ready to zip-line timidly states, "I may need a push!"
  • A doctor delivering a baby encourages the Momma, "One more push!"
  • An elderly man in a wheel chair asks, "Can you give me a push?"

The fact is: WE ALL NEED A PUSH!

By Who?

Throughout life, we will meet two types of people... 

  1. The Pushers
  2. The Push-Overs
The Pushers encourage others to be strong, to be brave, to take risks for the common good, get out of our comfort zone, to look at situations optimistically; Can you tell I am thing about the Pushers in my life.  Being frank, I would not be the person I am today without my Pushers.  Now, it is my turn to give back to the community... I am striving to be a Pusher!

The Push-Overs are those who get lost in the scheme of life.  The ones who blend in because it is safe and comfortable.  They usually do not look beyond the four walls they are standing in, and are too scared to make an impact on others.

Which are you???

What For?

What do we have Pushers for? 

  • Pushers are there to help us know, meet, and maximize our potential.
  • Pushers are there to encourage us when situations do not go as planned.
  • Pushers are there to direct us in making and achieving goals.
  • Pushers are there to positively impact our personal and professional lives.


Pushers surround us in our daily lives.  Some are quiet, while others are very verbal! Pushers do not give up, so you better watch your back... lol.

Can you think of some Pushers in your life right now?


Sometimes we need that nudge from a Pusher.  A nudge to be better than we already are... to move from good to great!  

How Come?

It is the feeling that all of us long for. At least, I know I did.  I wanted to be pushed... pushed beyond what I felt like I could do, pushed passed my own goals, pushed passed my expectations for myself... It was then, I found out who I am as a person and as a teacher leader...

Are you ready to be pushed?

The Ripple Effect

Once we have been pushed... we will be inspired to push others... from peers to students!  Just think about the outcome... inspired educators which leads to inspired students!

Let this be your push to #gr8rhappenings in your personal and professional life!

This blog post is dedicated to: my husband, mom, my kiddos, Shelee, Stacey, Brooke, James, Donnie, Mike, Heather, Wes, Brad... Thanks for being my Pushers!


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