Passion Reveal

We are all about "reveals" these days... I am as guilty as the next person... When I was pregnant with twins we held a Gender Reveal Party... but why???

It all boils down to the hype, excitement, and surprise... keeping people on their toes....

Why not put as much emphasis on revealing our passion, as we do on revealing other aspects of life? It is just as important, it makes a difference, it is exciting, it is a goal that we work toward, it is something to be proud of...

My passion boils down to these two words??? WHY NOT???  You might be wondering how that is my passion... think about these scenarios...

  • As an educator, you have a chance to apply for a grant to be 1:1... WHY NOT???
  • As an educator, you have an idea that will only make your students academically successful... WHY NOT try it?
  • As an educator, there is an opportunity for you to make a difference in a child's life by eating lunch with them once a week... WHY NOT take the time???
  • As an educator, you have the opportunity to share with other educators about what is successful in your classroom... WHY NOT???
  • As an educator, you have multiple opportunities to reach out and collaborate with AMAZING educators through Personal Learning Networks... WHY NOT???

The background purpose of my passion are ALL students.

How do I reach them??? By taking risks... WHY NOT???

Call to Action

Share your passion... you never know who you might inspire... it is the domino effect! 

Be the first domino in the series... WHY NOT???


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