Do It for Them...

For the Ones You Teach

A whirlwind is occurring...  so many ideas, so many strategies, so many tech tools... and school beginning, is right around the corner... How will I choose what is best for my students? Do you feel this way???

This is my thought process...
  • What is the learning target?
  • What is going to help my students master the learning target?
  • What is the most engaging way to teach the learning target to mastery?
  • Is it worth the risk?

What is the learning target?
  • The academic foundation of what students need to know derived from the standards...

What is going to help my students master the learning target?

I am so thankful that I am able to make these decisions in my classroom.  So often, we as educators, are told exactly what to do... but not in this instance. I get to choose how I want to approach the learning target... With the student's needs in mind... I plan...
  • So many decisions..
    • How will I involve student-led discussion?
    • How will I spark an interest?
    • How will I create a curiosity?
    • How will I have my students make discoveries?
    • How will I differentiate?
    • How will I integrate technology as an assistive tool?
    • How will I give feedback to my students?
    • How can the student self-reflect?
    • What does mastery look like?
    • What will my students research?
    • What will be my role in the lesson?
    • Who else can I involve in the learning process?
I can not sit here and tell you I have every answer to all of these questions for every lesson I teach... 

Although, I strive to provide my students with the most opportunities and experiences possible so, they can feel successful within the classroom. 

What is the most engaging way to teach the learning target to mastery?

More choices... I love to meet the role playing needs of my students when it comes to this essential question... but what is absolutely amazing... there is no right or wrong answer to this question... with the kids needs at heart, you will make the right decision!
  • Is it becoming...
    • a scientist?
    • a mathematician?
    • a teacher?
    • an author?
    • a researcher?
    • an artist?
    • a technician?
    • an interviewer?
    • a host?
    • a geographer?
    • a geologist?
When I think back to my pivotal moment in school, I think back to a time, where my teacher met my needs through allowing me to be an artist...

If you want you students to be engaged... it is not sitting in their seats, listening to you speak, doing worksheets... LET THEM WEAR DIFFERENT HATS!

Is it worth the risk?

This is like asking the question, Does rain make things wet? or Is the sky blue? or Should I be the best I can be everyday? All of the answers to these questions... ABSOLUTELY!

Recently, I presented on the importance of risk-taking... If we as educators take risks that are for the betterment of our students, magic will happen, ideas will be born, and growth will occur within us and our students.

So, what is your game plan for the upcoming school year? 


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