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Do It for Them...

For the Ones You Teach A whirlwind is occurring...  so many ideas, so many strategies, so many tech tools... and school beginning, is right around the corner... How will I choose what is best for my students? Do you feel this way??? This is my thought process... What is the learning target? What is going to help my students master the learning target? What is the most engaging way to teach the learning target to mastery? Is it worth the risk? What is the learning target? The academic foundation of what students need to know derived from the standards... What is going to help my students master the learning target? I am so thankful that I am able to make these decisions in my classroom.  So often, we as educators, are told exactly what to do... but not in this instance. I get to choose how I want to approach the learning target... With the student's needs in mind... I plan... So many decisions.. How will I involve student-led discussion? How

Push Me

A child sitting on a swing screams... "Push me, daddy!"  A young adult getting ready to zip-line timidly states, "I may need a push!" A doctor delivering a baby encourages the Momma, "One more push!" An elderly man in a wheel chair asks, "Can you give me a push?" The fact is:  WE ALL NEED A PUSH ! By Who? Throughout life, we will meet two types of people...  The Pushers The Push-Overs The Pushers encourage others to be strong, to be brave, to take risks for the common good, get out of our comfort zone, to look at situations optimistically; Can you tell I am thing about the Pushers in my life.  Being frank, I would not be the person I am today without my Pushers.  Now, it is my turn to give back to the community... I am striving to be a Pusher! The Push-Overs are those who get lost in the scheme of life.  The ones who blend in because it is safe and comfortable.  They usually do not look beyond the four walls they are stand

Passion Reveal

We are all about "reveals" these days... I am as guilty as the next person... When I was pregnant with twins we held a Gender Reveal Party... but why??? It all boils down to the hype, excitement, and surprise... keeping people on their toes.... Why not put as much emphasis on revealing our passion, as we do on revealing other aspects of life? It is just as important, it makes a difference, it is exciting, it is a goal that we work toward, it is something to be proud of... My passion boils down to these two words??? WHY NOT???  You might be wondering how that is my passion... think about these scenarios... As an educator, you have a chance to apply for a grant to be 1:1... WHY NOT??? As an educator, you have an idea that will only make your students academically successful... WHY NOT try it? As an educator, there is an opportunity for you to make a difference in a child's life by eating lunch with them once a week... WHY NOT take the time??? As an educator, yo

Welcome: Got Passion???

Inspiration.... to be inspired... inspired... to encourage someone to be better than they are... encourage... to push beyond the comfort zone... comfort zone... your bubble Welcome to Greater Happenings Identifying Your Passion Brief History Greater Happenings was born at a time when I was being pushed out of my comfort zone to develop an inspiring and motivational speech to other educators from around my wonderful state of KY!   Here I am??? Sharing my love of writing, my passion, but totally out of my comfort zone...  Am I going to choose the right words to say? Will I get my point across?  Will I inspire others? Despite these questions, here I am!  Taking a risk. Why??? Because I am a passionate educator who believes in going above and beyond the norms to make a difference in the lives of my students. Where are you? There are so many movements happening around us to assist us in being stronger educators, teacher leaders, and most importantly, a lifetime