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Our Educational Journey

If you think back to your educational journey, what do you remember the most?  Opportunities you had to shine? Opportunities you had to be creative? Opportunities you had to learn from others? Giving our students opportunities to be themselves in their learning will and DOES make a difference in their educational journey.  We must be mindful and involved in our students individual needs as learners.   How do we get to know our students on this level? I wish I could sit here and type that I one-on-one journal with my students on a daily basis, but unfortunately, there is just not enough time.  So, I have to be creative. Taking every little moment in the morning, during lifetime (recess), and during leadership time... I talk to them!  We have a conversation; not based on academics (unless they bring it up), but more about their personal lives. This allows me to provide the opportunities that are needed for them to enhance their educational journey. Explorat


I t was in the 8th grade that I made one of the most important decisions of my life.  Little did I know that being a part of a team, a family, would allow me to grow in every aspect of life. I joined the EHS Marching Band as a colorguard member.  The learned life-lessons would have an everlasting impact on my home life and career. You see, in band, I learned what I was capable of; being pushed to my maximum potential. The expectations were high; the mutual respect was undeniable; the sense of failure was not an option and there was no doubt, I was motivated. Nineteen years later, I am sitting at the State Marching Band Competition and the marching band, my former director is directing, is marching off of the field. I can feel the pride and respect, and emotions rush through me like a water anticipating a ledge.   They walked away as state champions. Why? There is no doubt that they are probably great kids and students, but great kids and students do not make a stat

One Voice.

Staring at you are 24 pairs of eyes giving you the chance to look into their lives. You notice fairly quickly: one student has droopy eyes, one student’s eyes are shining like the sun, one student will not make eye contact, and one student could stare a hole right through you.   Eyes tell stories; stories of happiness and joy, pain and sorrow, anguish and anger, shyness and timidness… Students come and leave from one school year to the next, but words live forever. We have this tool that often goes unused or used incorrectly.  Our voice.  Our words. An everlasting tool that God gave us to encourage, inspire, and share.    It is up to us how we use this tool. Every year, I emphasize the importance of the use of our words… to be a “filler” and not a “dipper”... That words are powerful, can make a lasting impact, and can not be taken away. I hand the students a tube of toothpaste, a paper plate, toothpick, and a pencil. Next, I instruct them to open the toothpaste

Finding Your Way

Lost in a world of confusion and chaos, demands and wants, haters and the pessimists… where do we stand? I came across  a quote that I hope will inspire you as much as it inspired me… Life is like a thicket in a jungle… we are tested, there are obstacles, and choices to be made.   As educators, these choices fly at us, but we must keep our eyes on the commonality: the children whom we are teaching. I am sure you all have gone against the grain once or twice, and may have experienced success or failure… but if the students were at the center of your choice… your intentions were in the correct place.   During these times of decisions, there is a moment where, as humans, we realize we have a choice… to be reactive or proactive. Obviously, the best choice is to be proactive, but so often our first instinct is to be reactive.  We must model this “blink-of-an-eye” amount of time for our students.  I know what you are thinking… This is easier said than done. I can

What is Your Weather?

What is Your Weather Like Today? by Jamie Chenault Weather is a recurring cycle in which we have no choice, but to allow to pass us by. For there is no control, no substantial being, who can swirl or sing the weather into place. Humans can make no change with the sound of their voice, but must adapt to what is. The sun, the warmth, the blinding rays, all dance around us through the happiest days. The clouds, the buoyancy, the white pillows, move by saying “Hello” through the happiest days. The rain, the cold, the grayness, fall upon us through the dreaded days. The flashes, the boisterous thunder, the engulfing sound, anxiously await to take us through the dreaded days. The rainbow, the colors, the never-ending arc, brings wonder to us through the days of change. The clearing, the peak, the dryness, sends waves of hope through the days of change. Don’t let anyone fool you, you have control. You can choose… So, w

Do It for Them...

For the Ones You Teach A whirlwind is occurring...  so many ideas, so many strategies, so many tech tools... and school beginning, is right around the corner... How will I choose what is best for my students? Do you feel this way??? This is my thought process... What is the learning target? What is going to help my students master the learning target? What is the most engaging way to teach the learning target to mastery? Is it worth the risk? What is the learning target? The academic foundation of what students need to know derived from the standards... What is going to help my students master the learning target? I am so thankful that I am able to make these decisions in my classroom.  So often, we as educators, are told exactly what to do... but not in this instance. I get to choose how I want to approach the learning target... With the student's needs in mind... I plan... So many decisions.. How will I involve student-led discussion? How

Push Me

A child sitting on a swing screams... "Push me, daddy!"  A young adult getting ready to zip-line timidly states, "I may need a push!" A doctor delivering a baby encourages the Momma, "One more push!" An elderly man in a wheel chair asks, "Can you give me a push?" The fact is:  WE ALL NEED A PUSH ! By Who? Throughout life, we will meet two types of people...  The Pushers The Push-Overs The Pushers encourage others to be strong, to be brave, to take risks for the common good, get out of our comfort zone, to look at situations optimistically; Can you tell I am thing about the Pushers in my life.  Being frank, I would not be the person I am today without my Pushers.  Now, it is my turn to give back to the community... I am striving to be a Pusher! The Push-Overs are those who get lost in the scheme of life.  The ones who blend in because it is safe and comfortable.  They usually do not look beyond the four walls they are stand

Passion Reveal

We are all about "reveals" these days... I am as guilty as the next person... When I was pregnant with twins we held a Gender Reveal Party... but why??? It all boils down to the hype, excitement, and surprise... keeping people on their toes.... Why not put as much emphasis on revealing our passion, as we do on revealing other aspects of life? It is just as important, it makes a difference, it is exciting, it is a goal that we work toward, it is something to be proud of... My passion boils down to these two words??? WHY NOT???  You might be wondering how that is my passion... think about these scenarios... As an educator, you have a chance to apply for a grant to be 1:1... WHY NOT??? As an educator, you have an idea that will only make your students academically successful... WHY NOT try it? As an educator, there is an opportunity for you to make a difference in a child's life by eating lunch with them once a week... WHY NOT take the time??? As an educator, yo

Welcome: Got Passion???

Inspiration.... to be inspired... inspired... to encourage someone to be better than they are... encourage... to push beyond the comfort zone... comfort zone... your bubble Welcome to Greater Happenings Identifying Your Passion Brief History Greater Happenings was born at a time when I was being pushed out of my comfort zone to develop an inspiring and motivational speech to other educators from around my wonderful state of KY!   Here I am??? Sharing my love of writing, my passion, but totally out of my comfort zone...  Am I going to choose the right words to say? Will I get my point across?  Will I inspire others? Despite these questions, here I am!  Taking a risk. Why??? Because I am a passionate educator who believes in going above and beyond the norms to make a difference in the lives of my students. Where are you? There are so many movements happening around us to assist us in being stronger educators, teacher leaders, and most importantly, a lifetime